Online Ordering

BEES Online Ordering

BEES is a digital ordering platform that connects you and your wholesaler in brand new ways.

With BEES, you’ll have access to tools that will help get your business buzzing. Browse your wholesaler or distributor’s catalog to see all available products including your favorite beer brands, with real-time pricing and discounts.

Submit orders around the clock, on your time, and schedule delivery dates at your convenience. As a retailer, bar owner, or restaurant owner, view and manage all your past orders and invoices in one convenient, centralized place.

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Provi Online Ordering

Provi is a free, one-stop ordering place for all distributors – like Amazon for alcohol. Enter all the items you need in one order, and the site will notify your distributors.

Not sure which distributor has a specific product? Do a quick search and the site will tell you! You can also create your own lists to save time and place orders at any time of day!

Check it out at – just ask your rep for the referral code.

Your Capitol Rep will still be your go-to person for anything you need.