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Capitol Beverage Sales has a rich history with origins dating back to 1951 in St. Paul, Minnesota.  The business was originally named Capitol City Distributing.  At that time, it was a very small business that only had a 5% market share. Our geographic territory was primarily Ramsey County.  In 1994, the Morrissey Family purchased Capitol City Distributing and changed the name to Capitol Beverage Sales Limited Partnership.

To get a real feel for the Morrissey family business, one needs to take a journey through the career of Paul Morrissey, Sr.  In 1974, Paul entered the beer industry through the management of a college pub in New Hampshire. Through this experience, Paul Sr. found a passion for the beer business and set a vision for his career. While managing this tavern, Paul Sr. set a further goal of completing his MBA degree and working with the industry leader, Anheuser-Busch.

After 3 years of tavern management experience, Paul realized his dream of joining Anheuser-Busch in 1977. During his 17 year career with Anheuser-Busch, he gained broad experience in the sales, marketing and distribution areas of the industry.  Those experiences included brand management, merchandising, sales promotion, national account sales, and management of the AB company-owned distributors.

Paul completed his MBA in Marketing at Saint Louis University during his early years at Anheuser-Busch.

At the same time the Morrissey family was growing.  Kathy, Paul’s wife of 35 years, raised three kids, Paul Jr., Jim, and Kate in St. Louis. The family experienced the rich heritage of Anheuser-Busch.  These early insights became building blocks to their careers.

Paul’s intrigue and enjoyment with managing the AB owned distributorships was a stepping stone to the next journey for the Morrissey family. In 1994, the family moved from St. Louis to Minnesota where they purchased Capitol Beverage Sales Limited Partnership and embarked on a journey of growing the business.  As Paul Jr, Jim and Kate grew they also had an opportunity to be involved in the family business throughout high school and college.

In 2006, the company went through significant growth by acquiring the neighboring markets of Bloomington and Minneapolis.  The company doubled in size.  By 2006, the company had grown to 1,800,000 cases of Anheuser-Busch brands.  When they acquired the neighboring territories, business doubled to 3,800,000 cases.  Our product mix has gone through an evolution.  Currently, we have a broad product portfolio based on AB Brands, new national, regional, and local craft beer brands, along with an extensive non-alcoholic beverage portfolio.  This has allowed us to meet evolving consumer demands.

With this growth, in 2006, Capitol Beverage Sales was relocated from St. Paul to the current Fridley warehouse location, servicing all three markets from this facility.

Since 1994, this family has been guided by a very specific vision, mission and values.  Our vision is to be the premier family business in Minnesota, exemplifying the highest quality and integrity through a genuine family partnership and true community commitment.  To reach this vision we made a commitment to our employees and customers in building quality relationships. We operate this business on the key values of… respect for employees and customers, honesty, integrity, humility, and a strong work ethic.  These guiding principles are the cornerstone of the Morrissey family business, Capitol Beverage Sales.

The Morrissey family lives and gives back to the local community through providing excellent jobs with benefits, partnering with various charities, and purchasing goods and services from local vendors. 

Paul’s 40 year journey in the business has been a labor of love and passion. He has passed this passion onto his children who share these same visions and values.  This next generation will take the company to an even higher level of performance in this ever changing industry.